Volunteers Wanted!

volunteerThere are limited opportunities for students in grade 6 and up to earn service hours at the library. Call the Youth Services Desk (448-1473) for more information or e-mail teens@phlibrary.org


Gaming, Board Games & Media Lab

Teens are welcomed to use the Library's equipment to play games or make your own video against our green screen. The Media Lab is perfect for school projects or presentations, or just to experiment with movie making.

Teen and Tween Programs

Palos Heights’ residents may register for programs upon receipt of the PageTurner in your mail delivery. Others may register starting the first week of each month.

Programs marked with an " R" require registration in order to attend. Programs marked with a " D 2400px" are drop-in programs, so no registration is needed.

Please follow the link below each program description to register, or call or stop by the youth services desk.

summer reading

Have you ever wanted to visit Hogwarts, fly to Neverland with Peter Pan or explore Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Factory? Now’s your chance! Sign up for summer reading and visit the Youth and Teen Services Department where we will transform the library into places from your favorite books.

Here's How It Works:

  1. Visit the Youth and Teen Services Department between June 4 and July 28 to register for the Summer Reading program.
  2. Start reading! Choose anything you like — fiction, nonfiction, audiobooks, graphic novels, magazines, newspapers — because everything counts!
  3. When you are half way done, bring your reading log to the Youth and Teen Services Department to pick up prizes.
  4. Complete your entire reading log and return it to the Youth Services Desk before 5pm on July 28 to pick out a free book!

Teen and Tween Corner


Stress Busters

May 22 – 25
Grades 6 -12. Studying for finals can be stressful. Stop by for a variety of stress busters to help you chill out, relax and recover. Use our space to study with friends, watch a movie, have snacks or participate in activities to wipe your stress away.


Volunteer Orientation

Tuesday, May 22 at 4pm
Thursday, May 31 at 6pm
Saturday, June 2 at 10am or 1pm

Calling all 6 – 12 graders looking to volunteer at the library! If you want to volunteer for summer reading you will need to fill out the volunteer summer application and attend one of the mandatory volunteer orientations. At the orientation we will go over what we expect from you, possible opportunities and this will count as one service hour. Plus teens who attend the orientation get to pick the date of the end of summer pizza party for teen volunteers!
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Steampunk Art

Wednesday, June 6 at 2pm
Grades 4 to 5. Inspired by the gears and cogs found in the White Rabbit’s pocket watch, we will be taking on the world of steampunk with a DIY art program.
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Mad Hatter Party

Thursday, June 7 at 2pm
Grades 6 to 12. Complete different challenges and try to make your friends laugh while in the Young Adult Room.
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Gotham Detective Agency

Tuesday, June 12 at 2pm
Grades 4 to 5. Can you help Batman solve the case? Joker is loose in the library. Can you help Batman solve the case?
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Superhero Video Game Tournament

Friday, June 15 at 1pm
Grades 6 to 12
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Harry Potter Escape Room

Tuesday, June 26 at 2pm
Grades 6 to 12. Solve puzzles, find clues and escape before time runs out. Costumes are encouraged but time-turners are not allowed. Participants must register at the Youth and Teen Services department for their 15 minute time slot.
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Friday, June 29 at 1pm
Grades 4 to 5. Calling all muggles and wizards! You’ve read the books and seen the movies, now put on the sorting hat and test your wizardry knowledge at this trivia competition.
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"I Won't Grow Up!"

Tuesday, July 3 at 2pm
Grades 4 to 12. We are joining Peter Pan and staying kids forever! Play with toys and games from your youth including Legos, play dough, and finger paints!
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Circuit Time!

Tuesday, July 10 at 2pm
Grades 4 to 5. Learn about the basics of electrical circuits by creating with conductive and insulating play dough. Let your creations come to life as you light them up with LEDs, make noises with buzzers and spin with the motor.
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Life Size Pac-Man

Wednesday, July 11 at 2pm
Grades 6 to 12. We’re bringing the popular 1980s arcade game to life! Navigate your way through a maze and level up before you get captured by a ghost.
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Seuss Hunt

Wednesday, July 18 at 4pm
Grades 6 to 12. Look high, look low. There are clues everywhere you go! Bring your friends to have some fun and we’ll have snacks when the hunting is done.
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Who Yourself

Thursday, July 19 at 2pm
Grades 4 to 5. Turn yourself into one of Dr. Seuss’s wacky characters! We will provide make-up and hair supplies to help you transform from a library patron to a silly someone who would fit perfectly in one of Dr. Seuss’s zany tales.
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Wonka Games

Thursday, July 26 at 2pm
Grades 4 to 5. We will have fizzy lifting drinks, trivia to test your knowledge of the chocolate factory and candy games galore.
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National Teen Lock-In

Friday, July 27 from 6 to 9pm
Grades 6 to 12. This year, the library has invited wizard rock band, Tonks & the Aurors to play live music about Harry Potter! The band, created and fronted by Steph Anderson, has traveled throughout North America and Europe and has agreed to put on a special performance at the library. Registration and parent permission is required. The Friends of the Library has generously helped sponsor this program.
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